Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hi I'm suburban girl I've just decided to start this blog having spent the last few weeks watching as the world economy changes and thought I would take the chance to have my say on what's going on and what I think about it. I'm not saying my views are right or wrong just my views I guess.

Having spent years working in a professional capacity in large organisations I think it's appalling to see what's going on in Ireland today. I was made redundant and like many others have been trying to find a new job since. As part of my search for the next new job I was reading a newspaper and I noticed on page 3 that US President Barrack Obama in his wisdom has intervened in A.I.G's decision to give out bonuses. He said that due to the fact that the financial institutions of which A.I.G. is one have been instrumental in creating this economic mess he doesn't think it's fair that bonuses are given to senior managers when the rest of the working classes are struggling to pay bills and keep their homes. So he has decided to take that pot of money they had reserved for the bonuses and use it elsewhere to support the failing economy.

Well done Mr Obama more power to your elbow I say!

Further on in the same newspaper 2 or 3 pages later I read the CEO of Anglo Irish Bank has been guaranteed a huge pension settlement and a golden handshake to leave the business. So here in Ireland we reward our senior managers and directors for corruption and in the States the President is trying to stop the same crap happening. It's no wonder this country I call home is a mess. Why don't we ensure CEO's and their ilk have their salaries capped at €200K a year and all other salaries are moderated in relation to that. It seems the regular working class are having to pay extra taxes, have their salaries cut or capped in order to provide the finances we are told the government needs to get us out of this mess and yet those that actually got us in to it are either still in government or getting a golden handshake for their troubles.

Great if you can get it hey! Be corrupt, mess up the economy and do well for yourself.
Be honest, work hard and be made redundant .......... something serious is wrong here where are our values, our sense of right and wrong ................... from what I can gather they are lost by both the government and our big businesses.

So come on people lets get our voices heard and lets do something about this, wealth should be distributed evenly, company profits should be reinvested in to the businesses so that more jobs are created or current jobs are secured and nobody should be rewarded for being corrupt or doing a bad job whilst in any position in a business.